We started with Good Times…

We met first on press events few years ago.
You know me as a mountain bike guide, journalist and photographer.
We worked together on the Decoy’s press launch that I’ve organized for YT Industries, and for some other projects, as managing the french translation of your contents.
We have good relationships, and both created strong identity and our own ways on trails…

…Let’s do great things together!

After 15 years working for MTB medias in France, I’m looking for a new step in my career in the mountain bike industry.
In addition to my MTB business in the Southern Alps and on the French Riviera (MTB guiding agency and big website), I would like to work closer with a mountain bike brand, and I naturally thought first to YT Industries…

YT Decoy press event, organized and guided by myself in the Maritime Alps

I’m not that Young, not as Talented as your pro riders, but I’ve some capacities, experience and ideas to dedicate to help YT go smoother and bigger on the French’s trails, market and scene!

I definitely don’t have the skills and bowls to race world cups and Rampage.
But I have some qualities, large panel of know-how, big experience, and ideas, that your athletes and traditional partners may not have, which should be useful for a brand like yours…

  • During the last 15 years, I’ve been journalist & test rider for french mountain bike magazines (2 years for VTTmag, 13 years for VeloVert Magazine since 2008). Thus, I know how the marketing functions in our sport, what the medias look for and how they work.
  • Since 2008, I’m guiding uncaged trips in the French Alps. That made me establish a huge knowledge of our trails and mountains, which should be a precious base to create contents and projects for a brand.
  • This guiding activity also put me in contact with hundreds of riders every year. I’m used to share good times with them, and thanks to all these moments riding and sharing beers together, I know what they like, what they search on their bike, how the scene evolve, etc.
  • Being journalist, author of some books and MTB photographer, I’m used to write and illustrate some nice bike stories and trips.
  • I’m also running my own mountain bike “media”: 1001sentiers.fr, a website created in 2005 and obviously the social medias attached, known as a reference for the MTB in the South-East of France.

A prolific partnership:

As many riders knocking on your door, I should just ask for bikes & money, and promise posts in return… but I’ve so much more to offer!
At this day, I’m not (yet?) looking for a full-time job at YT, I still want to run my guiding activity in parallel, but I’m sure that we can make great things together for your brand in France:

  • As a experienced MTB journalist, I can assume some marketing missions on the french territory and help YT to grow on this important and specific market, taking in charge some relations with french medias, organizing reviews and articles with them, and providing some contents.
  • As a professional MTB test rider, I can work with your R&D team if you want, providing feedbacks on bikes and why not prototypes.
  • As a MTB photographer, I can shoot your athletes on the craziest french spots, particularly in South of France where I’m based. Same for French young talents, and french journalists if they need pictures when I’m visiting them for YT testing sessions.
  • As a MTB guide and tour operator who also have been MTB journalist, I’m your guy for organizing press events. In the past years I’ve organized 3 big international press launch: in 2016 for RockyMountain, in 2019 for you (Decoy) and in 2021 for Giant. 
  • Based on the sunny French Riviera with thousands of stunning alpine single-tracks in my backyard, I would be glad to host your crew when you get bored with the bad German winter weather, providing the best trails and riding conditions for testing sessions, shootings and good fun!
  • As a passionated all-mountain/enduro rider, I can create original content for the brand, social medias and magazines.
  • We could also imagine to organise testing days for customers in France, in addition to your Rolling Circus, in order to make them discover and try your bikes, presented by someone who know the products, who speak french, and who can guide them and organise everything in a safety/efficient/friendly way.
  • As an ambassador and well-established rider/guide/media, with thousands of followers, visitors and clients, I can provide a lot of visibility to the brand on the trails, internet, social medias and events, not only by putting logos on shirts and website, and tags on posts and channels, but also really concretely on the terrain in contact with tons of riders.
  • And obviously, I will continue to assume the other services and jobs that I already have in charge for you, starting with the french translations of your content, and other projects…

Combining all these ideas and missions, I’m convinced that I can participate to make the image and success of YT grow a lot in France, particularly in the disciplines which are the more popular here: trail biking, all-mountain, enduro and eMTB, which would be perfectly complementary to the awesome stuff you produce on the gravity scene with your downhill and freeride riders.

Me riding your bike during a YT press event, Portugal

Some of my photos, shot in the Southern French Alps (Just missing the right bikes, ok)

Please contact me to discuss about it and make it happen!

Maritime Alps, France
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Thanks for your interest.